Client wanted to move her Wix based ecommerce website across to WordPress before the Wix account renewed

It took 12 days to get the primary functions of the website, e.g. able to process payments on a range of products, migrated over from Wix and live on WordPress.

The move to WordPress bought about benefits in terms of adding products. Previously on Wix there weren’t any options for personalising products, e.g. allowing a customer to enter names that will get printed on clothes.

There were two options for this in WordPress:

  1. TM Product Options – a premium plugin on CodeCanyon
  2. WC Fields Factory – a free plugin

WC Fields Factory proved to be the better plugin as it could handle field cloning (e.g. if someone entered more than one of the same item into their basket, they would get the opportunity to personalise each item independently). However, WC Fields Factory couldn’t handle products that had price variations, but TM Product Options could. We decided that as the number of products in the store that had price variations was low, WC Fields Factory was the better fit.

Hosted, on my recommendation, with CloudWays which includes the free SSL certificate. The client is really happy she has moved to WordPress and it has bought better functions for her as a store owner over those that Wix provided.

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