Every website is different, but to give you an idea of costs

Costs for a typical WordPress site

Typical means a homepage, about us, services, contact, privacy policy etc.

Option 1 £1400 – based on a pre-made theme from a marketplace like ThemeForest

Option 2 £2500 – based on converting a pre-existing HTML template into WordPress

Option 3 ~£3500 to £5000 – build a theme from scratch based on a supplied design/layout

Option 4 £CALL – Design and build a custom theme

Any premium plugins are charged extra + £55 admin fee

SEO Work

Costs as follows for creating additional pages to increase rankings for specific search phrases. These costs are dependent on sufficient content (approx 1,000 words) being available, specifically content related to the services provided.

Initial page – £150
Subsequent areas pages – £55 per page

Website Hosting

Option 1 £200 pa – regular shared hosting, will share a server (IP address). Email storage limited to 400MB

Option 2 £400 pa – Non-shared hosting account, your site will be the only site hosted on the IP address, same hardware spec as above but with 10GB storage

Option 3 £600 pa – Fast Cloud Hosting, your site will be the only site hosted on the IP address.

Email Hosting

Email has evolved from once being bundled in with hosting to being something that is outsourced. Depending on requirements, hosting options 1 and 3 will need an external email service:

Google Apps – £6.60 per email account per month

Microsoft Office 365 – £10 + VAT per email account per month

There is a £30 admin charge for setting an external email provider up.

SSL Certificate

With website hosting options 1 & 2 they cost £60/year. With hosting option 3, an SSL certificate is available for free.

There is a £30 admin charge for setting an SSL certificate.

WordPress backup and updates

£850 / year – I keep 5 weekly backups on remote storage and update any plugins or WordPress core updates.

Email Templates

Custom MailChimp template with editable areas – £350

Hourly Rates

I charge out my time at £55 / hour. Normal chargeable hours are Tuesday to Thursday 9am to 5pm. Work outside of these hours is at £70 / hour. Work done on a public holiday is chargeable at £90 / hour

Prices correct as 13 September 2020


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