GravityForms & GravityPDF web application. Manage My Menopause was designed to be launched in line with the new NICE guidelines on treating menopausal symptoms which were released mid-November 2015 and the aim was to raise the profile and awareness of the menopause and the benefits Hormone Replacement Therapy can have in treating the symptoms. Shortly after launch it was featured in a Daily Mail on-line article and received around 3,000 visitors in one day.

2016 HEE AwardsThe website was a finalist in the 2016 HEE Awards for innovation in the NHS.

The website is in essence a large multi-page form that asks the user a series of questions. The client required that on submitting the form the site created a PDF document that was tailored toward the user based on the responses in the form. An initial working mockup of the site was created to present to the client to show how the mechanism might work.

Form building is one of the more tedious aspects of building websites but I had previously built custom scripts to dynamically create PDF documents so understood the challenges and decided that GravityForms (GF) with the GravityPDF (gPDF) plug-in was the ideal solution.