Have a Wix website but can’t find it on Google? Not getting any visitors from organic rankings in the search engine results? Is Wix good for SEO? Follow my simple tips to get better rankings for your Wix website

Wix has grown to be a popular choice for new businesses and start-ups as it offers the opportunity to get a website built and live for not much money. There are a lot of things to manage when starting a new business, website included and Wix makes the task of getting a website online to promote your new business quick and relatively inexpensive allowing you more time to focus on other areas of your new business.

The downside to Wix is that you are pretty much on your own with the building and marketing of your new Wix website and you may not have the funds available to hire a web developer or SEO expert to help you. You may have built a Wix website but are frustrated by not being able to find your Wix website on Google.

In this post I will tell you one way in which you can almost immediately increase your Google and search engine rankings for your Wix website for a variety of your chosen search phrases by using a simple technique. By ‘increase your Google rankings’ I am referring to local small businesses just starting out wanting to get their website ranking on at least page one of Google search results pages, if not number one, for a specific search phrase.

You need to develop two skills in order to do this, Don’t worry as doing this process if quite straightforward. The two skills you need to develop are learning how to get your thoughts on your product or service actually down on paper and then how to format them into the Wix editor.

Tip #1 – Understand web page structure, how Google treats it

The first and most important tip to getting your Wix website found on Google is to understand the background of a webpage and how it might be structured. Every element plays an important role in ranking your Wix website – headings tags, paragraphs, bold and italic text all help.

The H1 tag is probably the most important part of your Wix page and you’ll find this in the Wix editor under ‘Text’. It defines what the topic is for the rest of the page. So, it should be the search phrase you are hoping that this page will rank for. Example: I’m selling widgets in Hemel, my H1 tag would be “Widgets in Hemel” – simple. You should then follow your H1 with a paragraph of text that sets up what the page is about.

The rest of the page will be a mix of H2 heading tags followed by paragraphs of text. Spice up these paragraphs of text with things like lists, bold and italic formatting – it all helps. Make sure you get your chosen search phrase and variations of into all these elements but don’t over do it. Imagine you are a person reading the page – does it make sense to you when you read it? Does it flow logically?

Tip #2 – Content is King, about 1700 words worth of King

You are probably thinking how many words you should write for your Wix page to get on Google? Simple answer is the more the better if you can manage it and this should be easy to do as this is your business and your passion, writing about how your product or service solves people’s problems should be easy for you, right?

Wrong. 99.9% of the time I find that business owners either don’t have the time to write content for their website or that they feel they aren’t writers and it’s not part of their skill set. This is your advantage because most business owners either don’t understand or can’t be bothered whereas you can. Use this to your advantage and tell people about your passion.

Tip #3 – You’re passionate

If you can talk about your products or service, which hopefully you are doing in order to sell them, then you can certainly write about them and it doesn’t need to take long at all. You need to focus your thoughts and think of the 5 W’s – What, Why, Where, When, Who. Not in that particular order but ask yourself these questions and write down the answers, being as descriptive as possible.

  • What is your product?
  • Why is your product needed?
  • Where would someone use your product or service?
  • When might someone need your product?
  • Who needs your product?

Tip #4 – Select your search phrases

Once you have your 1,700 words built you need to decide on the search phrases you want to rank for. Keyword research is a whole topic in itself http://backlinko.com/. The easiest way is to ask people what they might search for to find your product or what problem do they have that your product will solve. How many search phrases you want to rank for and how different each one is will dictate how many additional pages you will need to add to your Wix website.

Ranking a Wix Website

Once you have added your pages, remember to submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools. Give it a month and you should start seeing your website appear higher up the Google rankings.