Use MooTools and jQuery on the same page, avoiding conflicts

Posted by Oliver Partridge, in jQuery, no comments

I recently had a situation where the design of a website needed the combination of both mooTools and jQuery, two libraries acting on the same page. mooTools gave me a coverflow style effect, while jQuery handled the overlapping navigation tabs (more…)

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WordPress 3.0 and Internal Server Error 500

Posted by Oliver Partridge, in Website Design & Development, 11 comments

I am a great fan of using WordPress not only to run blogs, but also as a Content Management System. The team behind WordPress ensure that the software is updated regularly, adding new features and bug fixes. When I came recently to updating this blog to version 3 of WordPress, I encountered an issue that I hadn’t seen before with WordPress and in particular on the 1and1 hosting that it uses. To be more precise it is the way 1and1 (oneandone) handles or parses php files (more…)

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