A recent Linkedin Pulse news story talked about Google removing the adverts that appear to the right hand side of a Google search result page (SERP)

The article then talked about the implications of this, particularly highlighting a potential ‘bidding war’ as the desire to place ads in the prime locations increases between advertisers. There is only one winner here and that is Google increasing their ad revenue.

This might have the side-effect of pushing out advertisers who can no longer afford to pay for these prime positions. The author of the Linkedin article suggests that advertisers who are pushed out look elsewhere to place their PPC ads – Facebook, Twitter etc.

Maybe now the time is to re-think your organic SEO strategy? You should have one already and not be putting all your eggs in one giant ‘adwords basket’, but if you haven’t got one and have neglected your organic SEO, try our SEO services to see how we can help or start off with a free website audit.