Wondering why your website is stuck on page 3 of Google results, or why you aren’t getting any prospective clients contacting you via your website?

Worry no more, I am offering a free website audit to pinpoint issues with your website and how these can be addressed. Simple send me your website address, your name and email in the form below and I’ll get to work, this website audit is free so you have nothing to lose.

This is a very detailed manual website audit by me so please allow 5 to 10 days for the report to come through*

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I will analyse a range of areas commonly responsible for bad performing websites, these include:

  • Page Speed
    Having a slow website means your visitors have a frustrating experience waiting for the website to load
  • Hosting Quality
    Overcrowded shared web hosting accounts are responsible for many issues in website performance
  • Blacklist Check
    Trouble sending emails to potential customers? Perhaps you are on a blacklist
  • Malware Scan
    Has your website been compromised by hackers? Are you running out-dated software?
  • Mobile Friendly Check
    Is your website mobile friendly?

What do I get with a website audit?

I’ll look at various aspects of your website, ranging from the obvious things like layout, design and content through to the not so obvious such as the webhost you are using or the speed of your website. I’ll then suggest ways in which you could improve the problem aspects to your competitive advantage. The report will be a PDF file emailed to the email address you’ve supplied in the form above.

Some of these improvements will be actionable things that you can do yourself – no need to involve someone else, others will be a bit more technical. Either way, you’ll be armed with the right information to rectify the problems.

How can I verify that the problems you found with my website actually exist?

There are plenty of open and publicly accessible tools on the internet to discover potential issues with websites. I’ll give you the links to and the screen-shots from these tools so you can go and verify the information yourself. I do use some proprietary programs but again I’ll tell you what these programs are and how they work.

* What makes your audit better from the automated one I found? It can do an audit in seconds, not days.

My audit is manual because whilst automated website audit tools exist, they sometimes can’t distinguish between what is and isn’t a real issue as they use boilerplate techniques.

For example, one of my tests looks to see if your website is hosted in a ‘bad neighbourhood’, e.g. with other websites that might be hosting explicit content or are on a blacklist. Essex University has a website, essex.ac.uk. An automated tool might see the word ‘essex’ and immediately flag it as possibly hosting explicit content by virtue of the fact the word ‘sex’ appears in the domain name.

I also look at aspects that automated tests don’t investigate, such as the blacklist check.

Do I need to send you the login for my website?

Absolutely not. This website audit is a ‘front-end’ only analysis. If you have issues or problems with the way you manage your website I can look at these, but first contact me to discuss login details further.


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