Found a fantastic quote today from It was in an article discussing the new Gutenberg WordPress editor that the WordPress team are currently developing.

It promises to make post creation a little more easier to non-technical users, by allowing for content blocks or layouts. This is similar to how many of the commercial page builder plugins work like the Divi Builder and Visual Composer.

In the article the author talks about the differences between third party builders and the proposed Gutenberg Editor, what I found interesting was his description of how the current crop of commercial page builders fit into the WordPress eco-sphere…

The experience of developing in a “Divi site” or a “Visual Composer site” is like trying to repair a spaceship while attempting to ignore a large, hostile alien that is siphoning half the power from the main engine—an alien that was invited in by the crew because it knows how to cook. If the spaceship’s chefs get their act together, we don’t need to invite in the alien, and that means a ship that can actually fly places and do things, in the way that spaceships are supposed to.