This hack will allow you to implement Suckerfish dhtml based navigation in a CMS Mades Simple setup.

I had problems with the default vertical flyout css nav in CMSMS jumping a pixel on parent menu items, so I had a look around and found this snazzy menu taken from: To my surprise it was easy to install. Download the .js file and grab the css style also.
Step by step

1. copy cssmenu.tpl, rename it, then edit it, changing:

    {if $count > 0}
    <div id="menuwrapper">
    <ul id="primary-nav">


    {if $count > 0}
    <div id="menuwrapper">
    <ul id="navmenu">

2. Then remove from that renamed.tpl file any instance of;

class=”menuactive menuparent”

Basically strip any class definitiions from the tpl file (i left in the

<div class="clearb">

at the end). upload it, and call it in your template like you would any other tpl manu file;

    {menu template='renamed.tpl'}

3. Copy and paste the CSS into a new stylesheet in CMSMS, name it nice like suckerfish dropdown and attach to your template

4. Add the IE Javascript link to the .js file you got from the site above into the HEAD of the template.

    <!--[if gte IE 5.5]>
    <mce:script language="JavaScript" mce_src="/dhtml.js" type="text/JavaScript">

I havn’t tried it but it could possibly be used for a horiz menu.