Alongside our Content Management system and if your project demands it, we can integrate the popular blogging platform WordPress. It is the most effective platform for getting your blog posts up in Google searches via its easy-to-use interface.

Case Study – Blog as News

I manage a website built on CMS Made Simple that has a news section which is updated with about 3-5 short stories per week. The news section has been around since September 2007 and for a year I used the internal CMS Made Simple news tool to update it. In September 2008 I decided to move the news section over to WordPress to make it easier for non-techies to update and provide a mechanism for visitors to comment on news stories.

I used WordPress with the Google XML Sitemaps plugin. About 2 months down the line of running the news section with WordPress, if you searched on the title of a news story in Google the site was appearing at the top of page one and in under a minute since posting them! Amazing. Think about it, the news story may have been re-factored from an original somewhere, after publishing the story on our blog Google gets notified of the post (via the XML Sitemaps plugin), indexes the post and puts it at the top of a search result, sometimes higher up on the page than the original. The result, prospects making contact with the company via the blog.

Right tool for the job

The above case study is a good example of choosing the right tool for the job. CMS Made Simple is a great tool for quickly creating a set of designed webpages that are generally static in nature (do not change often). WordPress is the original blogging platform, it is aimed at managing fresh content that is updated and added to regularly. The XML Sitemaps plugin can also integrate your static pages from CMS Made Simple, therefore you only need one sitemap for your entire site.

Google loves information that is new and regular, this is the benefit of the internet as a publishing platform – it is constantly evolving. Writing blog posts gives you an informal platform for telling your website visitors about your successes and recent contracts completed. It also offers your readers a way to comment on your posts, furthering visitor interaction.

We can integrate WordPress into your existing website template and set it up so that if will inform Google whenever you update your blog