WordPress is a fantastic tool for managing websites but it can be resource intensive on some hosting environments

Depending on the needs of your website WordPress can quickly become slow and unresponsive even under quite moderate traffic. I employ various add-ons to WordPress that are designed to increase its performance on regular shared hosting environments.

I have worked on WordPress websites that have advanced plug-ins such as GravityForms or WPML create between 60 and 100 database queries per page load. Within a shared hosting environment this quickly overloads the maximum number of MySQL connections allowed, resulting in a rather plain error page when someone tries to access the website.

Fortunately my hosting partners are very flexible and can modify configuration files for me but for true performance I am able to offer optimised WordPress hosting on my Cloud Hosting packages. These packages employ a series of modifications to the cloud server to speed up WordPress which include serving cached pages to visitors from RAM, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and some other performance modifications to WordPress itself.


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