Looking for an expert WordPress consultant in Hertfordshire? Tired of Googling for answers?

Have you just started out with your WordPress website? Perhaps you have purchased a WordPress theme and are having issues setting it all up? Not sure how to configure permalinks or what the difference is between a page and a post?

I can help you unravel some of the mysteries of WordPress and at the same time suggest improvements that can increase your search engine visibility of your new WordPress website. I offer a range of WordPress consulting services, based in Hertfordshire, that covers the whole range of WordPress issues, including but not limited to:

Basic WordPress Training

  • What are the differences between posts & pages
  • Best practice for creating posts or pages
  • Creating galleries or embedding videos in your posts or pages
  • Increase your post and page search engine rankings
  • What are categories & tags used on posts

Advanced WordPress Training

  • Maximising your WordPress website search engine rankings
  • How to change themes and site design
  • Testing how fast your website loads
  • Useful third party software for getting the most from your website
  • How to create, assign and modify WordPress menus
  • Using FTP
  • Setting up WordPress caching and minification
  • Image compression and optimisation

WordPress Security Consultant

Alongside the essentials of WordPress, I can analyse your current setup and suggest ways in which you could reduce/minimise the chances of being hacked. I frequently come across hacked WordPress websites and they do nothing for your reputation and remidial work to address the causes of a hacked WordPress websites costs time and money.

Hertfordshire SEO Consultancy

Now that you have a WordPress website up and running it’s time to submit your sitemaps and install Google Analytics. But do you know if your content is optimised correctly for your focus keywords? What effect does page speed have on SEO? Do you need an SSL certificate? What keywords do you rank for already?

Hertfordshire WordPress Consultancy

My WordPress consultancy and training sessions are tailored to your specific business needs in order to achieve maximum ROI from your WordPress website. Contact me today to find out more.


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