We can setup and manage your Google Adwords account working with you to develop your keywords and ad variations. We ensure that the Adwords budget is effectively used to target your prospects ensuring a good ROI.

There are some key steps to creating a successful Google Adwords Campaign:

  1. Careful keyword selection, use the free Google Keyword Tool to research keywords for your target market
  2. Look at the amount of traffic and competition that a certsin keyword/phrase gets, use the data to fine-tune your selection.
  3. Create Ad Groups to contain keywords/phrases that are similar
  4. Create Ad Variations in each of your Ad Groups. Make sure they are relevant to the keyword(s), i.e. the text in the Ad contains the keywords
  5. Ensure you have specified a landing page once someone clicks on your Ad, include the keywords that trigger your Ad in your landing page.

The key here is to make everything relevant, someone searches on a keyword/keyphrase, that triggers your ad, which gives the user a hint of what you have to offer and how it can help them. Your landing page goes one step further to help the user by answering their original search query. All of this builds confidence in the user that your website and the services/products that you offer will help them and therefore increases the potential for a sale from that visitor.

If you are thinking of starting a Google Adwords Campaign contact us for an informal chat.