All of our WordPress hosting packages come with unlimited email accounts

Email has become a necessary business communication tool over the years and the demands on email storage and availability have increased.

I am pleased to offer a variety of email alternatives to our standard hosting packages. If you think you will be a heavy email user then you’ll definitely need some dedicated email hosting solution. We offer two different hosted email models and these are explained in the table below

Pay per storage

If you are only going to have one domain name for all your email users then this is the perfect solution as you only pay for the storage (disk space) used for all the email accounts under that one domain.

Pay per user

If you have multiple domain names for different areas of your organisation, then paying per user is a more cost effective solution. You can have as many domain names as you like, you just pay per user and storage is fixed.

Email migration

If you are already an established business looking to take advantage of the dedicated email hosting options I can supply then I can manage the migration process for you, out-of-hours and with minimal downtime.


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