Quite often I get asked about business phone numbers – a dedicated number for the business.

Most business owners think that getting a business number means paying for line rental each month which can be costly on top of the normal call charges but it doesn’t have to be that way.

VoIP (Voice over IP) is the process of routing phone calls over the internet. I can supply geographic (an area code – 01/02) or non-geographic (08/03 numbers) which you can then direct to either a mobile, your current landline, or go to voicemail (or a combination of all three). Renting a virtual number is relatively inexpensive compared with the cost of line rental and call charges are per second rather than per minute.

Having a dedicated business number looks more professional than publishing a mobile number. I can also supply eFax where you can send an email to a special email address and it will convert the attachment to a fax and send it.

If you need SMS solutions such as shortcode or SMS broadcast I can also supply these. Great for keeping customers updated.

I don’t recommend using VoIP for your business telephone system in your office over a regular ADSL broadband. I can supply SIP trunks for VoIP use. A SIP trunk is a dedicated ADSL line for use with voice data.


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