Wondering how to add stars in Google search results? Struggling to get people to give you a 5 star review?

In this post i’ll show you how easy it is to get a 5 star rating in Google. Actually, it’s not a 5 star rating, because no-one is perfect, make it look more natural, like 4.8 or something. Anyway.

There are a few posts out there telling you how to do this, all sorts of techy stuff, but I believe this is the simplest.

See the code below? It’s called LD+JSON. Don’t worry about that, what you need to do is change the placeholder text and add the code into your site’s footer somewhere. If you are running a WordPress theme like Divi or Avada (which I hate) there should be a theme options to copy and paste the code into the footer area

You should probably also add a testimonials page with the reviews on in human readable form, just for completeness. You can also markup your individual reviews, I’m not entirely sure it makes an awful lot of difference to the main aim of this article, but below is an example code of how to style each individual review. Note it uses Advanced Custom Fields for the star ratings