Short how-to on setting up the WordPress WP-Mail-SMTP plugin to work with the Gmail SMTP Relay Service, specifically on CloudWays

Step 1 – Install WP-Mail-SMTP in your WordPress dashboard

Step 2 – Enter the appropriate settings as below in the plugin settings page


Step 3 – Configure your Google Apps SMTP Service

In your Google Apps admin account, navigate to Apps > Google Apps > Settings for Gmail > Advanced settings. Scroll near the bottom to locate the SMTP relay service settings.

Step 4 – Create settings as follows

Allowed senders: Only registered Apps users in my domains
Only accept mail from the specified IP addresses: Yes
Allowed IP addresses:
Require SMTP Authentication: No
Require TLS encryption: Yes

In this case, I entered the IP address of my CloudWays server

Notes: I had the CloudWays SMTP add-on enabled, but I don’t think it needs to be setup (or even enabled) when using this plugin as the plugin uses phpmailer to route through SMTP