I struggled with being able to access an NFS share under Thunar in Xubuntu until I found an Archlinux Wiki entry

NFS (Network File System) is a file protocol designed to speed up file access over networks. Ideal for accessing files stored on a ReadyNAS. I run Xubuntu 15.10 as my operating system, which uses Xfce4 and in-turn has Thunar as it’s default file browser (a bit like Windows Explorer).

I could have access the NFS share in Thunar, but it would hang the whole system when trying to write to the share. The ArchLinux wiki entry describes that the correct entry needs to be made in /etc/fstab in order for Thunar to be able to access the share correctly. In my case the entry I needed is below        /media/readynas    nfs    noauto,user,_netdev,bg  0 0

The options are:

  • noauto – prevents the share from being automatically mounted until it is clicked on
  • user – allows any user to mount and unmount the share
  • _netdev – this option makes network connectivity a requirement
  • bg – this command put the operation into the background, allowing for disk spin up times if needed.

UPDATE 01/03/2016: It appears that the ReadyNAS device I am using has an Antivirus feature built-in. I kept having transfers stall and hang from Thunar. During a particular transfer that had stalled and frozen Thunar of about 700MB I disabled the antivirus on the ReadyNAS and it transferred afterwards.